Interlink Funding is a team of dedicated professionals with several decades of combined experience in the alternative lending industry, going back to 2005.  Interlink Funding with unprecedented access to one of the largest syndicates in the small business loan and merchant cash advance industry, with over $2.4 billion (with a 'B') funded to date. So, if you're wondering "Can Interlink Funding really get me the money I need?" the answer is, "Yeah, we probably can!"

Who is Interlink Funding

Who is Interlink's typical clientele?

Interlink specializes in small businesses that have been operating for 12 yrs., sell a tangible product or service, and gross $15K or more in monthly revenues. Our loans are fantastic resources for business owners with imperfect credit, and a large number of our clients are referred to us by banks and traditional lenders who were unable to help the business owner.

How fast can I get the money?

With a complete application submission, it's possible for you to receive your funds as soon as that same day, but over 90% of our clients receive their funds within 5 to 7 days, and 10 days or less over 94% of the time. Occasionally a loan may take a few extra days, but it's quite rare. The fact is, that we provide the quickest small business loans and merchant cash advances in the industry.

How much working capital can I actually get?

The rule of thumb is that you can receive twice the amount of your average monthly revenues, up to one million dollars. So, if you're grossing $100K per month, you should expect to qualify for a $200K advance or loan.

How is my loan repaid?

In most cases, we advance new working capital based on past business sales performance, and going forward the advance is repaid through small daily draws during the business week, customized to ensure the businesses' good health and overall welfare. In some cases, the draw may be weekly or monthly. No collateral is required, and there is no fixed no term or repayment schedule in most cases, unless the client has a special request. We want to help your business, not hurt it! We don't succeed if you don't succeed, and we are passionately opposed to unscrupulous lending practices that exploit and abuse the small business owner; we're small business owners ourselves.

What if I want to pay my loan or advance off early?

No problem; there are no fees, penalties or hidden charges for an early payoff.

What if I have imperfect or even really bad credit?

Many of our clients have had credit issues in years past; it's just how life is. Between the economic crisis, the lending market shift to Big Businesses, and the realities of owning a small business, we understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. In most cases, bad credit is not a problem. In rare cases we might fund just a little less than requested, but that's all. Bad credit is not a loan killer. We're really looking more at your business than you personally.

Are there any fees or costs to apply?

No. There are never any fees or costs to apply; up front, at the end, or hidden in the fine print.

What can I use the money for?

Whatever you want. Seriously. We've seen cases where the funds are used to catch up on defaulted lease or rent payments, past-due bills, taxes, renovations, advertising campaigns, additional working capital, partnership buyouts, seasonal inventory acquisition, payroll, fleet vehicle maintenance - you name it. We even finance seller carry-back transactions! Because the loans are unsecured, it provides you with the flexibility to distribute the funds as you see fit.

What if I've been turned down by a bank?

Every single day we hear how banks are not lending money to small businesses, especially because small businesses took the brunt of the economic crisis and shifting lending market. If you've been turned down by a bank for any reason, let Interlink help. With approval rates exceeding 93% and funding up to a million dollars in 5-10 days, Interlink is here for you.

Can I get more than one loan?

A significant percentage of our clients do 3+ loans per year with us. Most of our clients finish out their loans before requesting a new one, but occasionally someone might need a new loan while they have a loan currently open, especially if they're in a rapid growth mode, need to acquire inventory quickly, or encounter an unforeseen opportunity or emergency. We review these on a case-by-case basis, and fund them on a regular basis. It's a great problem to have for a small business owner; we hear all the time how the first loan funded some much-needed expansion, which led to more business, which led to more opportunities, which led to the need for new capital.

Do I have to change my credit card processor?

No. Interlink is not in the merchant clearing or processing business.

What are some of the other benefits for me, as a business owner?

There's a number of additional benefits; for example, there's no collateral required. No fixed payments unless requested, no payment coupon books or checks to write, no restrictions on how you distribute the funds in your business, there's no late or hidden fees, your credit score won't make or break the deal, the program is friendly to your cash flow, and there's no impact on your ability to qualify for other financing.

How complicated is your application process?

It's a single-page application, and you'll need to gather a few supporting documents. That's it; it's really that easy. Our clients are always surprised by how easy and fast the process is, and it's the coolest feeling in the world when we call with an approval in 24-48 hours and they say '...Wait, I'm approved, really? That's all it took??' There is a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction that comes from being able to help a hard-working merchant solve a capital or funding problem, and we're extremely proud of our no-hassle process. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!